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A Tobii eye tracker is required in order to use EyeHarp with eye control

After the one month trial ends you can continue using the free EyeHarp version or purchase a license for the full EyeHarp version

The free version includes:

  • All the scales, register, and transposition options
  • Harmonizer and reverb effects
  • Complete interface display settings and parameters
  • 16-channel MIDI output
  • Piano sound only

The full (paid) version includes:

  • All of the free version features
  • A collection of 20+ instrument sounds
  • Assisted music learning tools
  • Automatic performance evaluation
  • Musical memory game
  • Repertoire of playable songs
  • Exercises for improving playing technique
  • Option for creating your own songs
  • Technical support

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  • Windows OS
  • 1.8GHz processor (minimum), Intel i5 2GHz processor or better (recommended)
  • 4GB RAM (minimum), 8GB RAM (recommended)
  • 900 MB free disk space
  • 13” screen (minimum), screen sized 19”-27” is recommended
  • A Tobii eye tracker, or a head tracking device (such as SmartNav), or any device that can control the mouse pointer. EyeHarp gaze control works only with a Tobii eye tracker

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