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Zacharias Vamvakousis
Developer / Designer
Zacharias Vamvakousis is the designer and developer of the EyeHarp. He has studied Informatics & Telecommunications (University of Athens), he has a master in Sound and Music Computing and a PhD with topic "Digital Musical Instruments for People with Physical Disabilities". He is also an accordion player with a Degree in the classical accordion.
Alper Kaya
EyeHarp Player
Alper is the best EyeHarp player in the world! He is diagnosed with ALS. Before his disease progressed, he was a guitar player. He now lives in Izmir, Turkey. As an experienced musician. the feedback he provides on the EyeHarp contributes a lot to the project. His music performance using the EyeHarp convince us that with practice, one can play music with the EyeHarp at a high level.
Rafael Ramirez
Scientific advisor
Rafael Ramirez. PhD, MSc, BSc. Tenured Associate Professor and Leader of the Music and Machine Learning Lab at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
George Chondrakis
Business Advisor
Assistant professor of Strategic Management at ESADE Business School. International research fellow at University of Oxford. PhD from the Said Business School, University of Oxford.
Jordi Bueno
Public Relations
Jordi is the father of Joel, the first EyeHarp student in the public music school of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Barcelona, Spain. Jordi has helped a lot in promoting the EyeHarp to music schools and other organizations.
Valentí Acconcia
Strategy Consultant
Valentí advises entrepreneurs and creators on campaign design, communication and strategy. Since starting his consultancy in 2011 he's advised 200+ campaigns worldwide.